The H.G. Wells Society: The Americas
Dedicated to promoting and encouraging an active interest in, and appreciation of,
the life, work and thought of H.G. Wells in the Americas.

Statement of Aims and Objects

The H.G. Wells Society, The Americas is an association of persons interested in the life, works and thought of Herbert George Wells; and more specifically, for those anxious to encourage a wider interest in his writings and ideas. As an American chapter of the International Society our object and aims are largely the same.

As an object, we seek "to promote and encourage universally an active interest in, and appreciation of, the life, work and thought of Herbert George Wells."

Our aims are as follows:-

1. To promote a wider knowledge of the ideas and ideals of H.G. Wells, to assist in their understanding and dissemination, and to do everything possible to secure a wider acceptance of the great constructive ideas with motivated Wells's life and work. The Society is inspired in its work by Wells's vision of the achievement of an order of world society based on the ideals of a full, happy and creative life for all mankind.

2. To encourage a greater interest in the works of H.G. Wells on the part of the press and broadcasting organizations, and to encourage the dramatization, broadcasting and tape-recording of suitable works. To do all in its power to rescue Wells's less-known works from neglect and, in suitable cases, to secure their re-publication.

3. To act as a center for the collection of all Wellsiana. We will pass along collected material to the International Society archives at the University of North London, England, as well as to any appropriate repositories for Wellsiana here in the United States such as the University of Illinois Library at Urbana. We will also become a resource center on all matters concerning Wells's life, thought and work and make ourselves available to all forms of media.

4. To organize lectures, meetings and conferences here in the United States; to issue publications, and to engage in such other educational work as will assist towards the realization of the Society's aims.

Membership of the Society is open to all who are in agreement with the Society's aims, and who agree to pay an annual subscription price.

All members are strongly encouraged to join the International Society as well. All members will receive a bi-annual newsletter, and (as material warrants) journal.

With the advent of the Internet and the comparative ease with which the majority of Wells books are now accessible in one form or another, the Society will seek to develop a books supply service for members.

Wherever there are a number of members residing in the same locality, the formation of local groups for the purpose of discussion and mutual contact will be encouraged. It is proposed to form groupings within the Society, in order that members my concentrate their energies on those aspects of Wellsian thought and work which specially appeal to them.


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