Updated version of 1960 Time Machine

Author Subject: Updated version of 1960 Time Machine
Tom Vasiloff Posted At 17:50:43 09/12/2000
Read the review of the updated version of Pal's Time Machine. Ugh! Don't mess with a classic! At the very least, I hope they use the original machine and sound to keep at least those two segments true to the original. Also, give Rod Taylor and Alan Young some sort of cameo roles. The 1960 version will stand the test of time and all the glitzy special effects in the new version won't stand the credible sensation of time travel as portrayed by Pal.
Carl Piermarini Posted At 19:58:42 09/12/2000
I agree with Tom. Pal's film is the holy grail of the genre. I vote for trashing this update script and going back to the idea of writing a sequel script instead. With a sequel you can use the original machine, have Rod and Alan in supporting roles as sort of time travel mentors, and then have Robin Williams or Tom Hanks cavort back and forth through time. Going back would permit nice time links with Rod and Alan's characters, and at the same time give both support to and expand the ideas from Pal's film without completely redesigning them and modifying and/or destroying these icons. If you're going to do it...do it right.