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Author Subject: RE: Script Review of The Time Machine
Callum Chan Posted At 06:28:46 09/24/2000
I read the review of the script for the remake of the George Pal movie ‘The Time Machine’. I like most of the new ideas, but I would prefer it if the remake is kept similar to the novel and movie. I love American culture, and if there is any place I would like to see ‘The Time Machine’ set in besides London, it would be the USA. However, I was surprised when I heard about the remake being Americanised, and I prefer the story in the remake, just like in the novel and original movie, to be set in London. The idea I didn’t like so much was the one about the Moon being terra-formed by 2005. Do you expect people to terra-form the Moon that soon? I don’t, and I think the idea of it happening that soon to be far-fetched. I believe a better idea for an early 21st Century disaster would be to have either World War III or a meteor impacting the Earth. The time traveller could later do whatever he can to prevent either event from occurring, in case they don’t occur in real life. One story line similar to this is the one in ‘Terminator 2’ and it is where the Nuclear War in 1997 is prevented by the Connors with the help of the good terminator. If the Moon in the remake was to be terra-formed and it led to disasters on Earth, it would be better to have the terra-forming set in say 2025 or 2050. I also would prefer it if the time traveller’s new love still had the name Weena.

I believe there should be a vote on whether to use the time machine used in the original film or to use a new version of a 19th Century style time machine. I believe that if no one can come up with a better version of the 19th Century style time machine, they should use the same one used in the original movie. I hope that in the remake, just like in the original movie, that the time traveller will stop over in different eras in the 20th Century. I would like to see Rod Taylor, Alan Young and Yvette Mimieaux make cameo appearances in the remake and play different characters in different time periods. I would also like to see these actors reprise their roles in a movie length sequel to the original movie as soon as possible. Whatever the outcomes for the remake and/or sequel, I hope they all turn out for the best.
Larry Sanderson Posted At 23:16:29 10/13/2000
Disappointed in learning of the change in the story. If I
I know Steven Spielberg and his love for the Original
Time Machine he wont let this happen. With today's tech-
nology and special effects, they could have adapted the
original story which was set in 1899 to work today. I
think that is what the people and fans are looking for.
Dreamworks, don't do this to the fans. Update the effects
for the old story and use the original machine, at least
someone's life size model, such as John Rigg's. If you
don't want to use any "War" concept I can see your reasoning.
Why not show War as injustice and terrible as it was. And
the time traveler (and it has to be Herbert G. Wells again)
see that this is something in the future we can learn by.
(As we already have in most cases.) Keep to the original!