Seeking advice on how to wire machine...

Author Subject: Seeking advice on how to wire machine...
Bruce Holroyd Posted At 22:12:01 11/06/2000
Hello, fellow Time Machine fans! I am planning on building up a second model of the Time Machine soon, and I am hoping someone can help me in the process of wiring the machine to give it blinking lights on the console, glowing light within the power pods in back of the chair, and a spinning dish! Can anyone supply info on how to route the wiring and the power supply that they are using? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Richard D. Cole Posted At 11:24:00 11/07/2000
I might be of some help. I'm building a Small one
not the full sized. My console will have all three on
at the same time.
I've used copper tubing for the rails so my wires
are hidden inside the them, A small motor is hidden
under the seat, with the shaft going into the power
pod then connected with a small thin vcr belt to the
top to turn the dish.
The wiring is a problem, I'm use 12 volt plug in,
but the motor and lights will not run on the same
connection, I've had to make two separate lines but
not connected to the handle as one switch, but two
side by side, that seems to be the only way I can
get them to work.