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Don Coleman Posted At 17:11:44 12/08/2000
I just read a review of the dvd of the Time Machine, the reviewer brought up the following premise regarding the novel: he believes that the Silent Man is in actuallity the Time Traveller himself come back to sit in on his own narration. I had not heard this before and will have to re-read the parts again. Any thoughts?

Katharine Yates Posted At 18:05:23 12/10/2000
I read the parts involving the Silent Man, and personally, I do not think it is! The Silent Man is obviously well known by both the Time Traveller and the Narrator:

1) 'The Time Traveller pushed his glass towards the Silent Man and rang it with his finger nail; at which the Silent Man, who had been staring at his face, started convulsively, and poured him wine' (unless I knew someone really well, I would never be that rude)

Then the narrator says:

2) The Silent Man seemed even more clumsy than usual, and drank champagne with regularity and determination out of sheer nervousness (and as the Silent Man had not been at the first dinner party, it seems as if the narrator knows him of old!)

An interesting thought though, it got me reading the book again, which is a surprise as I already feel as if I have read it 802,701 times for my dissertation.

I could be wrong about this, as you can never tell what goes though that chap Wells' head!
Don C. Posted At 12:20:14 12/11/2000
Well it looks as if the Silent Man is not the Time traveler. Even though the narrator doesn't know him (1), the Time Traveler mentions him by name later (2) It would have made a wonderful Paradox.

1) "The Psychologist was the only person besides the Doctor and myself who had attended the previous dinner. The other men were Blank, the Editor aforementioned, a certain journalist, and another--a quiet, shy man with a beard--whom I didn't know, and who, as far as my observation went, never opened his mouth all the evening."
2)"`You have told Blank, and Dash, and Chose about the machine?' he said to me, leaning back in his easy-chair and naming the three new guests. "

Katharine Yates Posted At 15:37:28 12/11/2000
Why do you think he only gave three characters names? why did he not use

1) The man with the red hair
2) The maid
3) The Elio girl