Time Machine Model

Author Subject: Time Machine Model
Martin Bleasby Posted At 08:53:04 06/24/2000
I am about to construct a model of The Time Machine from a kit made by Lunar Models,I would like to here from other people who have constructed this kit.

Carl Piermarini Posted At 18:05:03 07/07/2000
I have built up the Lunar Models kit.
In the process I "customized" mine
by making the lights work and the
dish spin. Feel free to contact me.

Jon Doyle Posted At 07:55:16 10/23/2001
Yes Carl, but did you get it to disappear?
Lloyd Cooper Posted At 19:02:43 07/18/2000
Hi Carl,
I'm the Lloyd who's signed Dons guestbook and am making a model of the Time Machine from skratch.At the moment the Base,Chair and Engine Housing are finished (not yet painted though).I want to try to get a small moter and lights built into it as I go along.The finished model will be 340cm(14inches)with about 280cm(11 inch)Dish.
Can you give me some tips on the positioning of the moter and drive shaft etc.Many Thanks, LLOYD.