Why do you like G. Pal's movie The Time Machine?

Author Subject: Why do you like G. Pal's movie The Time Machine?
Don Coleman Posted At 23:06:15 12/19/2000
I would like to know what it is about George Pal's movie The Time Machine that makes it a classic. What would the new movie need to inspire the same feelings?
Katharine Yates Posted At 07:03:56 12/20/2000
It would be nice to see the social comment that was made in both Wells’ book and the George Pal film! Wells’ book looked at the Victorians anxieties of Darwin’s predictions of the origin of species and natural selection depicting the evolutionary and possible degeneration of society and the class war, which lead to the splitting of species. Whilst Pals film looked at the 1960’s fear of the atom bomb and of nuclear holocaust which was his reason for the division of the species some living underground and the others taking their chances above. In the new film it would be nice for the traveller to arrive in our time and view the anxieties of the early 21st century i.e. the impact and collapse of technology, ethics of genetics and the ever increasing worry of global warming! Then when he finally arrives in the year 802,701, he would find the Eloi are a hybrid of genetic engineering, perfect and beautiful and the Morlocks are the opposite i.e. ‘genetics gone wrong’ and hidden underground, as slaves to run the technology that prevents the world from burning up. Instead of the Eloi being used as a food source there could be a war prevailing between the two species, who continue to fight for the sustained and more ecologically sound ‘safe areas’ in the city, and possibly continuing competition for the remaining food manufacturing technology? For good measure, and because I like the idea of Logans ancient robot ‘although a bit corny’, maybe a race of droids could be thrown in? Who are in turn fighting for the remaining technology to keep their own race ‘charged’? I know the film won’t, but it would be nice to see that the final consequence of all this would be the inevitable extinction of all concerned, as it would be an eye opener for us the ‘society’ of the 21st century.
sophie b. Posted At 09:04:17 12/20/2000
I think i liked this movie in part because my mom teach
me by heart each scenes of the movie several years before i saw it!it`s the kind of movie you can`t forget at all.I remenber being so affraid of the morlocks, even in the movie than the novel of wells.A scene that i couldn`t forget is the one of the manequin who change clothes very fast to show us that time was passed by. That`s the kind of imaginating technique that old director was abble to think about before the stupid technology of our times that made our brain melted.Imagination, i`m talking about pure imagination, i`ve been lost somewhere in time.I`m only 24 years old,but i have this tenderness of the great period of science-fiction movies, when you could make a movie with paper and glue.That was creating.By this time, the technology will provide to anybody the capacity to make movies at home, with a computer!You know what i`m thinking about this?It`s the end of the 7th art!I know what i`m talking about,because i`m studying in cinema in quebec.You know,the stupid province of canada where sci-fi movie and horror movies are banish like it`s just sh..t.I think that french quebecers(and i am one) are definitly stupid people who know nothing about the world of movie!They don`t even watch their movie, prefering to watch fast-food movies from usa,like it was their own culture.I`m not proud to be a frog.I hope anyway that someday things will change and maybe we could watch real sci-fictin from Quebec.And, of course i would like to be one of those mini-Mélies of the land of stupid frog! Sophie B.
Richard D. Cole Posted At 17:08:28 12/23/2000
I liked the 1956 Classics Comic, then I saw the Dell movie version before the films' release in 1960.

I like both machines in the comics, I saw the one
in the movie, I didn't like it (12 years old) but something happened before the movie ended, I fell in
love with the machine and the time travel concept. I've
built 3 minatures since then.

The movie tried to show how the the two worlds divided but Wells never completly explained that in the novel.

The new film seems to want to go further with that idea, but to leave the original idea of Wells' story, a remake could do this with second journey that
Filby is waiting the return of at the end of the novel.

If you have followed the films of George Pal he
has come up with original concepts for films and not
copied other ideas popular at that time, the war machines and the Time Machine are as original as Wells'
novels that they came from.

Why I like the Time Machine I can't explain, it's like song you can't get out of your head, the color is
so rich, like a painting that moves, a machine that looks like it would really work.
corina Posted At 12:02:35 06/22/2001
its cool!