Rod Taylor vs. Robin Williams

Author Subject: Rod Taylor vs. Robin Williams
No1QueenBee Posted At 12:17:29 07/22/2001
The original Time Machine with Rod Taylor is one of my favorite movies. I am a sci-fi nerd and am anxious to see the 2001 version. I enjoyed your excerpt of the film and especially your acknowledgment of the Rod Taylor/Robin Williams resemblance. I noticed this several years ago when I watched the film and was somewhat amazed. I believe that if the remake had been made when Robin Williams was younger, someone may have used the resemblance to cast him, although at that time Robin Williams was still Mork from Ork. In checking the Cast and Crew, I was happy to see the cameo of Alan Young. It will be an interesting side note to those of us who saw the original film. Thanks for the info.