The New Time Machine film

Author Subject: The New Time Machine film
Bruce Holroyd Posted At 21:18:41 08/19/2001
Well, here it is, folks! My review of the new version of the Time Machine... (does anybody think this thing looks like a gyroscope with solar panels?) It certainly does not reflect, in my opinion, anything remotely connected with or created within the span of the Victorian period! I have read the script, and find it an idea that should have remained just that... instead of being turned into a motion picture! It just goes to prove that no one can touch the mastery of George Pal and his team of special effects wizards! They are the ones who gave us the first glimpse into the future, as imagined by Wells.... they are the ones who will be remembered by the devoted fans long after this new film has been forgotten. To be fair, it must be given its own chance, but looking at that new machine... all I can say is, "Mr. Taylor....hope that you have room for one more! I'll travel in your machine any day!"
Richard D. Cole Posted At 13:27:41 08/20/2001
Like you, I love the Pal machine (I've built a couple of small ones), But the new one has the look of
19th century industrial machine, I've always like the
Classics Illustrated one but it didn't look 1895 era, (gyroscope). The Pal machine was a simpler design than
the new, but what would a time machine look like Wells'
himself gave no idea of what it looks like. I am waiting for the new movie, But Pals' will always be the
first and I want so see what they do with this one.