Death and Time Traveling

Author Subject: Death and Time Traveling
Jim Walker Posted At 21:30:21 09/01/2001
If you have an interest in traveling to the future, take a look at this article which contains references to H.G. Wells Time Machine and a cool link to the movie trailer of the upcoming DreamWorks release of The Time Machine.

Death and Time Traveling:
Brian Carlsen Posted At 12:14:10 09/06/2001
I have only had "time" cover only a few pages of your atricle and I have found it to be quite insightful. Your focus on the life suspension angle of forward time travel is overdue. Too many researchers have relegated time travel to the out-of-reach realm of black holes, worm holes, etc. This attention to achievable forward travel is refreshing. However, I have experimental evidence pointing to forward time travel being possible through a combination of gyroscopic, rotational, and magnetic repulsion forces. I have a very crude test rig that has been able to alternately stop or speed up various time pieces. I am in the process of completing a paper on the testing of the unit and I am now starting the construction of a more powerful system.

Though this endeavor to mechanically undertake classical time travel may prove fruitless. I have a degree of faith in our friend H.G. Wells. All that he wrote about as come to pass in some way or another. All of his notions concerning nuclear energy, tank warfare, and even the internet have come to pass. Again, stepping out on this inspriational limb, I have pursued his as yet unrealized dream of mechanically actualized time travel. Having read the Time Machine over very carefully, I have found that he left a number of clues to how time travel could be achieved. Pursuing these slim clues has led to the development of two prototype time machines and positive test results. I'll keep you posted.