TIME TRAVEL for real

Author Subject: TIME TRAVEL for real
Jon Doyle Posted At 08:14:05 10/23/2001
Ok...it's simple.
Forget all this machine building nonsense.
Time travel is all down to a human's perception of time. When we're kids the summer lasts for an eternity....as an adult it takes no time at all.
I've found a way to 'tap' into this.
I've found that if you drink two bottles of red wine it's 'tomorrow' very quickly.
Admittedly your head hurts....but this is one of the side effects of travelling into the future.
Try it.
Richard D. Cole Posted At 13:21:38 10/29/2001
We all would love to travel in time, Einstein showed us that by traveling closer to the speed of light we get to the future faster than everybody else, but a machine, don't think so (darn), but one thing that always
throws me is the predictions in Revelations, someone has been to or seen the future.

Just a thought, Richard