Author Subject: Tantalus
Douglas Hirt Posted At 17:37:46 12/15/2001
Greetings all you Time Machine enthusiasts. I wonder if someone out there has any good solid info on the Liqueur chest used in the movie? Has anyone identified the manufacturer? I'd like to build one, but can find absolutely nothing in the way of plans, specs, or construction techniques for building a tantalus. I've searched woodworking magazines and their indexes, but so far have come up cold. Any help will be appreciated!

François O. Beaulieu Posted At 19:42:19 01/07/2002
The liqueur cabinet or "Tantalus" was a real 19th century antique. Many such cabinets were built by various builders and the proportions and design varied little.

Your best bet is to visit your local antique stores and try not to faint when you see how much they are asking for them ! Nonetheless, I am sure they will let you measure it if you come across one !