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L. Johnson Posted At 14:03:19 12/16/2001
I am wondering if anyone knows where the outdoor scenes for "The Time Machine" were filmed? In a couple of shots, one can see barren desert-like hills in the background. Another question, the "river" that Weena is rescued from is obviously a pond with water circulated by pumps. Was this filmed at the oft used "Franklin Reservoir" that sits just a hop, skip and jump above Hollywood?
Don Coleman Posted At 14:31:36 12/17/2001
This is a favorite subject of mine.
Most of the exterior shots were filmed on M.G.M.'s backlots. Filby's dept. store was on lot 2 and the river, Eloi palace and Morlock wells were on lot 3. Both lots no longer exist and have been replaced with conodminiums and tract housing. I thought at one time Franklin might have been used as the Morlock well area.

The exterior scene in 1966 at the park is the only exterior I have yet to identify. Anyone have any thoughts?
I'll try and get a page or two up on this subject over the next week or so.

Several Combat! episodes used Time Machine settings. The exterior of the Sphinx was in one as well as the interior caves. Filby's was in at least two episodes as well. I intend to add pages on these and other connections as well. Some Twilight Zone episodes had sets and props used also.

I was born in Culver City and lived there until 1995. During the M.G.M. auction in 1970 I did actually find the steps which led upto the Eloi Palace, same steps used in Atlantis the Lost Continent with the large Crystal ray gun.