original Time Machine parts

Author Subject: original Time Machine parts
Richard D. Cole Posted At 17:25:53 12/20/2001
Has anyone done research on the Original Console &
Crystal Handle, Mr. Burns has everything but the console & chair(It was not originally built for the machine, the chair was a prop already at M G M), But somebody did do something with it at M G M between 1960 & 1970 before the auction.

A mystery that may never be solve?
Francois O. Beaulieu Posted At 19:35:57 01/07/2002
The console was cut in half to retroproject the dates. It was probably discarded.

The original chair was still in the Machine at the MGM auction. It was recognized as an antique barber chair by a later owner who sold it as such. There have been rumors that the current owner of the original chair knows it's origin and has tried to re-sell it as such.
Richard D. Cole Posted At 10:20:37 01/10/2002
Thanks for the answer, I was still hoping someone might have keep part of the console, (the handle even,
don't you wish that was still around).