H.G. Wells Correspondence

Author Subject: H.G. Wells Correspondence
Steve Joyce Posted At 00:04:36 08/02/2000
Hi there,

This seems like an interesting set of books. But to be honest, it is a bit pricey to read from other than the library.

One thing that kind of interests me as a fan of the turn-of-the century film-maker George Melies (and his A Trip to the Moon). Does anyone know if any of the documents refer to Wells' reaction to the film.

I have seen allusions in various bios etc. that Wells was very opinionated about his film adaptations but have yet to come across many examples.


Steve Joyce Posted At 21:09:49 09/08/2000
So far, I haven't been able to come up with any comment by Wells about the film. I can't help but think that he knew of it though.

Any I have a related question: Does anyone know the first time that Wells and Melies were linked together in this film.

Melies (in interviews) seems to never mention Wells and if the opposite is true then how would this connection have been made?

There is room for a lot of follow-up discussion here, so feel free to e-mail me.