The Time Machine
Standard Lunar Build up

By Martin S. Bleasby
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
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Section 2


The Base & Rails

The base and it's feet were cleaned up in the same manner above Fig 9 & 9a, using the model putty to fill and holes or dents in the resin. In this model I had a couple of holes on the wheels which required some of the putty just to retain the shape of the wheel. Underneath the base Lunar has given the modeller a guide as to where the feet should go. My good friend Mr Ed Turner has produced a set of excellent articles on this site which deal with modifications to this Lunar kit. In the Base section, Ed explains the different positions of the feet, some good information for us fussy Time Machine people..Thanks Ed!
I attached these as required, with the epoxy resin.. After which I primed the surface with the previously mentioned primer. The same Walnut Gloss was used for the complete base section feet included, after which I painted the cushion at the front with the Crimson and also added the gold tacks.

Fig. 9

Fig. 9a

The Rails

Vertical Rails

The vertical rails again require some clean up work. Fig 10 I used the small file set I have to shape the rails, removing all the casting residue from the patterns at each end. I spent quite sometime working these rails in order to achieve a nice effect when the Krylon 18ct gold spray was applied. Fig 11.

Fig. 10


Horizontal Rails

I worked these rails in the same way as above, taking care to achieve a round effect to the four florets. After both the horizontal and vertical rails were primed, I gave them a final coat of 18 ct gold after which I fitted the decals supplied in the kit to all the rails. Fig 12.

Fig. 12


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