The Time Machine
Standard Lunar Build up

By Martin S. Bleasby
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
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Section 3  

Generator housing, Power Pods & Drive Arms

The mouldings on the generator assembly were in reasonable condition, only a little work filling the tops of the cones with modelling putty was required. I did find that there was some resin build up in side the holes for the power pods, this was removed with a shape knife and a small half round file. I test fitted the generator housing with the power pods and vertical rails on the base. I had to remove Some of the surface area from the generator base before the pods would fit into the locating pip in the rails.
Fig 13
shows the generator housing and power pod sitting flush on the base and located on the vertical rail. It was important to obtain a correct fit at this stage, and would make the final assembly much easier when all the items are painted. I cleaned up the domes for the ends of the power pods in the same way as before, just lightly sanding.
The drive arms required some modellers putty, and the vertical arm was not quite circular, again the small files rectified this. Fig 14 After priming the parts, I used the Krylon 18ct gold on the drive arms, and Humbrols Brunswick green (Gloss) for the Generator housing. I painted the cones with Yellow Green and Red (Gloss enamel) Fig 15. For the square plates on the rear of the generator housing I use a Acrylic gold, this was also used for the tacks on the housing, very similar to the chair.

Power Pods

The rings at each end of the pods are required to be gold, so I masked off the white area between the two rings before spraying with the primer, after which I used the 18ct gold. There are a couple of decals supplied with the kit which fit on the tapered area between the rings, I fitted the decals as shown on the instruction sheet making sure I lined up the join with the hole on the outer ring. Fig 16


After priming the domes I used Humbrols white gloss spray for the final coat, I wanted a nice high gloss finish here to contrast the black pin striping.

Pin Striping

The decals supplied by Lunar will not conform to the curved surface of the domes, but with another great tip from Ed Turner I used black Graphic tape. I used two different widths, a 1.59 mm for the outer line, and a 1.00mm for the lines which runs to the centre. I cut lunars decals up leaving about 5mm of the lines showing, I then attached these to the domes at the section where the horizontal rail would fit. I made sure they were laid in circle, this gave me the pitch run to the outer line. I touched in any imperfections with a gloss black enamel Fig 17.


Fig. 13

Fig. 14

Fig. 15

Fig. 16

Fig. 17

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