Brad Daniel Murphy
"This was my first attempt to build it and I was a success."

Brad's model is 9" long, 6 " wide and overall height is 7 3/4".
The dish is 5 1/2" in diameter

Brad first saw The Time Machine when he was six years old in 1988 and like many of us it became his favorite film. One of Brad's memorable scenes is when George 'crashes' in 802701 on Brad's birthday, October 12th. Now, Brad being born on October 12th is aware of this days significance in history and I think George Pal was also. October 12th is the actual Columbus Day before we moved holidays around to suit our life styles. I think George Pal choose this day as the day George arrives in 802701 as both Columbus and our time traveler discovered a New World. But I digress.

Brad saw the teaser trailer for the new film in July , "Soon as I saw it I just knew what it was and I made such a big deal about it in the theater. Well it's not every day that your favorite movie gets remade. "

When the release date was changed from December, Brad decided to build a model of the Pal machine to alleviate some of the disappointment.

"The first thing I made was the dish; I used something called Bondo to make it. Bondo is used in cars to fill in hole patches. The dish took me a week to finish it, because I had to sand it down then fill in the bubble holes, then I started on the chair, I just used regular wood for that."


"I then used packaging foam for the back, seat, and floor of the machine. I just spray-painted it red and used small nails to put them on. While I was working on the rest of the machine I would spay paint a layer of copper paint on the dish at least once a day. "
"The Time machine platform that it sits on is the same wood as the chair, and same wood stain. The control panel is made from a small piece of pipe from Lowe’s that I spray-painted. The LEDs and switch are from Radio Shack The motor housing is a T-pipe. The gold piece that goes from the motor house to the bar that holds the dish is a string spool that I carved down. "
"The motor on the back is a CD player motor. The Time pods are made from plastic and are hand painted. They do light up in the color red. The safety bar that goes around is copper pipe and the bar that goes from the time pods to the console are hollowed out coaxial cable with a small metal rod in it to keep its shape and wire to power the console."
"The only thing left was to paint the dish. That only took me about 3-4 hours to do all the detail. I then put the dish on and pushed the switch, the LEDs in the console light up the side of the console lights up as did the time pods and the dish would not spin. The dish was way to heavy for the tiny CD player motor. Well I still didn’t get around to making a new one yet that is lighter. "

"It took me a little more than 3 weeks to complete. I worked on it every day for at least 6 hours a day. Feb 8 was the day it was complete. This was my first attempt to build it and I was a success. A few months later the Time Machine (2002) came out and saw it the day it came out. I loved it, but I still think I have to keep the old one as my favorite. I check your web site every few days to see all the updated info. Someday I might attempt to try and build the new one. Oh I almost forgot, when I was building the time machine I need something to make time pass easier. So what I did was I watched The Time Machine (1960) DVD on my laptop over and over again. That’s the only thing I watched. "

— Brad Daniel Murphy

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