Martin Bleasby
Visits the
Birthplace of H.G. Wells
Bromley, Kent

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Martin Bleasby, his mother Guendolen, and Mr Neil Jarman, a family friend, went to the birthplace of H.G. Wells on Martin's birthday.

"At last we have some stable weather over here, so did the trip to Bromley today 06/05/01."
(May 6, 2001)

Bromley at the turn of the century

Wells was born in no. 47 High Street
(approximately where the people are standing on the left)

"Bromley is about an hour and a half drive from my home, we took the Orbital road around London, this is called the M25. This road can be a real nightmare, but was ok on Sunday.

We crossed the river Thames at a place called Dartford, there is a tunnel here but a bridge takes you over going South, and you return via the tunnel. Bromley was then about 20 minutes from this point.

When we arrived you could begin to see this was an old town, with the Victorian style buildings.

After parking the car and armed with my digital camera, we asked for directions to a shop called "Alders". This is the very place that H.G. Wells was born, you can see the plaque marking this in the photo.

This location was the Market Square."

—Martin S. Bleasby

Same view at the turn of the century
2001 (100 years later)

About 100 yards from Alders is the Mural which shows most of the works that Wells wrote. (Time Machine included.)

There is a key coded plaque which the item on the mural.

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Two other Wells sites of interest are: The H.G. Wells Centre and the school which Wells attended from 1871-1874

The school in Wells' day.

100 Years later
Visit an unofficial site of Bromley by one of it's citizens.

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