It's a Wrap in New York.

Special thanks to Marilyn-Miranda Bocchi for submitting
her comments on the shooting in New york
and the photos of her 'husbands'.

February 17, 2001

Hi Don and Mary,
Just wanted to update you on my adventure as an extra in The Time Machine this past week. I worked at the Albany New York location and and also three days in Schenectady NY in Central Park. It was bitter cold and they were all night shoots. We reported at 4:30 pm and worked until 6 and sometimes 7:30 in the morning. The 1899 clothing I wore, shipped over from England consisted of a petticote, corset, long wool skirt and matching jacket with a cape and a fur piece over the cape and a hat with feathers.

Guy Pearce and Sienna Guillory were interesting to watch. She looked stunning in red velvet trimmed with fur and had a waist that looked like it was barely 16 inches around. She plays Emma and looked just like Yvette Mimieux. Guy, who plays Alexander, looked very dapper in a brown overcoat. We filmed alot of shots at the skating pond and I was an upscale parkgoer.

The whole crew put in a monumental effort in freezing wind chill temps. We were told we did a wonderful job as extras and were thanked. They left for LA today and resume shooting Tuesday, Feb. 20. at Warner Bros. in Burbank. It is a closed set and security is of the utmost importance to preserve the secrecy of the film's props, particularly The Time Machine. In my opinion this motion picture is headed for an Academy Award and I am very proud to have helped elevate it to that level.
Marilyn Miranda-Bocchi

These are a few of my "husbands" while shooting in Schenectady NY's Central Park. Night shooting in the fridgid temperatures was quite an experience and we are now all looking forward to the December 21st release date of The Time Machine.

Marilyn Miranda-Bocchi

Angelo Tarantino and Marilyn Miranda-Bocchi
R.Victor Stuart and Marilyn Miranda-Bocchi

Hi Don and Mary,
It is January 26th and I just received a phone call from Dreamworks Casting Coordinator Maryellen Aviano-Roberts that I am to report tomorrow morning for my wardrobe fitting! I was told to bring two pairs of socks and long underwear so wardrobe can fit my costumes over the warm undergarments. Casting also told me to make sure I eat, my (appointment is 10:30) so there will be no fainting when my corset is cinched tight! I will keep you all posted!
Marilyn Miranda-Bocchi

January 17, 2001

Hi Don and Mary,

Just wanted to update you on the casting call I recently attended for the Time Machine.

It was the second day of the 5 day casting and decided to dress circa 1899. I toned down my makeup, put my hair up with victorian combs and wore a long black velvet coat,with a persian lamb collar, a ruffled ascot with a broach and carried a black fur muff.

There was quite a line but it moved quickly and the casting crew were very organized. We filed in, 35 at a time and we each had a number that we held in front of us and three at a time had our pictures taken which will be stapled on to our color coded and numbered forms that we filled out beforehand.

We were told that for men, facial hair was very desirable and a 1 hour wardrobe fitting was needed before each work day (You do not get paid for the wardrobe fitting time).

On our forms we had to rate our iceskating skills.

Filming will be in the Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga Springs areas and will be all night shoots from Feb 5th through Feb 21. The pay for non-union extra work is $60.00 for a ten hour day (time and a half after 10 hours). They told us it is vital to bring all our warm undergarments to wardrobe fittings so costumes can be fitted over them. All of us left there waiting for a phone call.

I was in BILLY BATHGATE and AGE OF INNOCENCE where I worked right in the same room with Martin Scorcese! ( I was a stand-in for Geraldine Chaplin) where they measure light and you are right in on the important scenes while they are perfected. I have also been in local commercials and industrial training videos.

—Marilyn Miranda-Bocchi


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