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This is the model of Big Ben that
was used in the opening credits.
Currently owned by Bob Burns
Photo of the matte painting of the
interior of the Eloi palace.
Currently owned by Bob Burns.
One of the original smoking jackets worn by Rod Taylor.
This one is owned by Rod himself and is in excellent condition.

The 1960 comic book based on the M.G.M. production.
Note that there are two different back covers.
The 1990 comic, issues #1 and 2 of three.





Audio tape read by Brain Cox
The Time Machine read by:
Leonard Nimoy
and John de Lancie
LP recording in connection with the Classics Illustrted comic from 1956


Early Video Package
Early Laser Disk
Current Laser Disk
The 1979 remake starring John Beck, also with Whit Bissell.
Time Machine Soundtrack LP



French 40x60 Stone Lithograpgh

Reynold Brown artwork
on 30x40 poster

Belgium Poster

The first kit offered by Lunar Models
Assembled by Don Coleman

The Lunar Models kit
This kit is available from us.

Finished model built by
Michael Bednar

The Granite City
Mechanician Model



The illustrator is Les Edwards
A 50's pulp version of
"The Time Machine"
An aledged sequel to
H.G. Wells'
"The Time Machine
The George Pal and Joe Morheim
sequel to the movie
intended to be filmed.

Morlock toy issued in the 70's.

A 1995 First Day Cover celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Wells'
"The Time Machine."


This tobacco card was issued in the UK by W. D. & H. O. Wills Ltd in 1937. It is number 37 from a series of 40 "Famous British Authors." The front of the card shows an artist drawn representation of the "Time Machine" author, H. G. Wells (together with facsimile signature). The back carries a biographical text. The card was given as a free premium with 20 "Wills" cigarettes.

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