New York

At the turn of the 20th century, the world was abuzz with scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs, and much of it was
taking place in bustling New York City. Here, in the laboratory of Alexander Hartdegen, inventor and Columbia University Professor
of Applied Mathematics and Engineering, we find evidence of his
latest theory— that time travel is possible — and his latest
creation...the time machine.

The time machine is a magnificent, yet functional piece of equipment. Beautifully crafted of brass, wood and crystal. Alexander's invention was created with one purpose in mind...to allow him to travel
through time and prevent the tragedy that changed his life.

Fifth Avenue Park Entrance


Alexander Hartdegen's carriage house.
Alexander Hartdegen's carriage house. Looking toward solarium. Time Machine is seen in the rear.
Outside of Solarium. Note bank of lights probably to show the passage of the sun and moon
Guy Pearce (Aleaxander Hartdegan) and Mark Addy (Dr. Philby) outside the carrage house.
Note the dress shop window behind them.
Guy Pearce (Alexander Hartdegen) and
Sienna Guillory (Emma)


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