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In the not-too-distant future—the year 2030 to be exact—our time traveler Alexander Hartdegen comes across the futuristic New York Public Library. Here, in the Grand Rotunda, he meets VOX, a very mischievous, eccentric personality, who appears as a holographic image on a series of glass panels.

VOX explains to Alexander that he is the New York Public Library informatioal unit, a system designed to take the place of librarians, card catalogues and information desks.

VOX is made up of two long rows of glass panels, each approximately seven feet high and four feet wide, and positioned with a gap of a few feet between one panel and the next. The panels lead to a large shiny sphere with a row of blinking lights. This is the photonic core...the "brain" behind VOX.


Hall of glass panels with sphere

Artist concept of sphere

The sphere at the DreamWorks' booth at Comic Con 2001

VOX (Orlando Jones), Alexander (Guy Pearce) and
Simon Wells (director) preparing a scene

Moon blowing up in the New York sky

Rubble of New York in the aftermath


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