DreamWorks Booth
Comic Con

This page shows an overview of the DreamWorks
booth at Comic Con 2001.
Each section is covered more closely on a seperate page. Please refer to our DreamWorks directory for those pages.


Entrance to DreamWorks booth.
Booth hosted by CountingDown
Back side of entrance
Multiple images of Time Machine design mostly done by Tim Wilcox
Another view of illustration
The Time Machine was centered in the booth
Right profile
Left profile of Time Machine
Far right corner began the tour
with 1899 New York
Art department miniature on pedestal
Another view of 1899 sequence
Close-up on time travel equations
Second blackboard with equations
Moving counterclockwise was the New York of 2030 and 2037 with the Library "Brain"
and rubble of the aftermath from the destruction of the moon
Another view of same
Continuing counterclockwise is the Eloi display
Eloi art
The last corner held the artifacts of the Morlocks
The object in the corner foreground is a cage for imprisoning the Eloi


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