Cast and Crew

Simon Wells
Great Grandson of H.G. Wells
Gore Verbinski
(Directed last 18 days of principle photography)

John Logan

David Valdes
Walter Parkes
Laurie MacDonald (Executive Producer)
Arnold Leibovit (Executive Producer)
Mr. Leibovit has his own website Sci-fi Station
Jorge Saralegui (Executive Producer)

Music Composed and Orchestrated by : Klaus Badelt
Executive Producer: Robert Townson
Executive in charge of music for DreamWorks: Todd Homme

Guy Pearce

Alexander Hartdegen
(The Time Traveler)

Born in Cambridgeshire England, in 1967. Immigrated to Australia to live in Geelong, Victoria, with his family when he was three years old.

According to the imdb he is a vegetarian, should fit in well with the Eloi!

Jeremy Irons
as Uber-Morlock

Mark Addy
Dr. Philby

At the press junket for A Knight's Tale, Mark Addy shared his knowledge of Dreamworks' remake of The Time Machine starring Guy Pearce. He says the plot follows the 1960 filmed version faithfully, but the big difference will be in the modern technology employed in the presentation. "The original was 1960 so [the remake] sticks very closely to the novel but you've got the advantage of the kind of stuff they can do with special effects nowadays," Addy said. "They're going to make that time travel stuff just unbelievable and also the designs for the Eloi and the Morlocks. In the original they're a little ropey, but the stuff they can do now with prosthetics and make-up as well." Unfortunately, Addy himself does not get involved with the main action of the film. "I'm Philby, the friend of Guy Pearce's character," Addy lamented. "I stay at home. I don't get to do any of the fun stuff. I'm just there at the beginning and the end, so all my stuff's turn of the last century New York, stiff clothes and talking proper."

Sienna Guillory
as Emma.
"Falling in love is about finding someone who is your future."
Samantha Mumba
as Mara (Eloi female lead)

Samantha Mumba Age: 18
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Home: Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland

Ain't it Cool News has also announced that Samantha's 11 year old brother Omero Mumba, was on his way to be screen tested to play her son in the film.

Phyllida Law

Philip Bosco
as the Dean of Columbia University
Alan Young
Flower shop owner
Omero Mumba (Samantha Mumba's younger brother)
as Kalen (Mara's brother)
Yancey Arias
as Toren

Orlando Jones
as The Compendium of All Human Knowledge

"It's an impossible character to describe, but okay. I'm a third generation photonic with verbal and visual link capabilities connected to every database on the planet. A photonic is basically something that doesn't exist. You only see me in glass. When you go into the New York library 800,000 years into the future, what has basically happened is there's no card catalog anymore and there's no antiquated computer voice. There's actually a creation and you go to the glass and ask it whatever you want and it tells you. It's not a hologram. The closest thing is I'm Obi Wan Kenobi which is sort of a projection. He knows everything in the world. "

Complete Interview with Orlando Jones at About.com

  Josh Stamberg
as J.P. Fitzroy

Michael Chaturantabut

Myndy Crist

Diana Lee Inosanto
as Eloi woman


Donald McAlpine

Film Editing
Wayne Wahrman

Mindy Marin

Production Design
Oliver Scholl

Costume Design
Bob Ringwood
Deena Appel

Makeup Department
Scott H. Eddo .... key makeup artist
Robin Slater .... makeup artist
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Thomy Harper .... second assistant director

Art Department
Christopher Glass .... storyboard artist
Jennifer N. MacLeod .... researcher
Steve Park (II) .... set dresser
Angela Stauffer .... art department coordinator Bruce West .... set designer
Tim Wilcox .... digital illustrator

Special Effects
Jim Charmatz .... special effects

Special Makeup
Stan Winston Studios
Visual Effects Supervisor
Greg Figiel


Special Costume
Make-up & Effects Labs
John Fifer
Don Coleman
Scott Wolfram

Visual Effects
Kimberly K. Nelson .... visual effects producer
Jamie Price .... visual effects supervisor

Industrial Light & Magic
Visual Effects Supervisor
Scott Squires

Digital Domain
Visual Effects Supervisor
Erik Nash

Physical Effects Supervisor
Matt Sweeney
Other crew
Maryellen Aviano .... extras casting coordinator
Amanda Harding .... casting associate
Terri Tracy .... casting assistant


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