In December of 2000 I was contacted by the Time Machine art department and invited to tour their facility. While I was there I was informed that they wanted to replicate the original chair as used in the 1960 George Pal film but that they didn't have much information to start with and were interested in my knowledge of the chair's design. I think it safe to say that I gave them more than they had hoped for!

Although I wasn't hired to build the chair, I provided the detailed information necessary to make the replica as close as possible to the original. Forty years of accumilated photos, stills, and knowledge along with the outstanding drawings by Chris Perrotta have contributed to the creation of this excellent replica of the Berninghaus barber chair.

The use of this chair serves as a fond salute to one of the greatest film makers ever, George Pal and I am proud to have been involved with this aspect of the Time Machine.

—Don Coleman

Full shot of the Time Traveler's 'Saddle'.

Closeup on the arm rests
Closeup on the Swan supports
View of the back of chair


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