Pictured on this page are items which were handed out as giveaways or items which could be purchased.

Please note: I do not have have any of these items for sale. The posters can be found on-line at various dealer sites and also on ebay.

On the right are items which were handed out at the wrap party when principle photography was completed

The teaser poster with the December release date.

Mini size (11x17) and full size double sided (27x40)

Final poster design.

Mini size (11x17) and full size double sided (27x40)

Ticket which was issued for the February 17th screening at the
Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

This is the comic book which was handed out at the February 17th Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention. It is a teaser only and not the entire story. The comic consists of 10 pages two of which are full page advertisements . The comic ends with: Will MARA BE RESCUED? WILL ALEXANDER RECOVER THE TIME MACHINE? Will HE EVER PREVENT EMMA'S DEATH AND RETURN TO 1903? FOR THE ANSWERS, SEE "THE TIME MACHINE"--OPENING MARCH 8--ONLY IN THEATERS!
Here is the limited edition litho which was handed out to the first 350 people, those who wanted to see the screening of "The Time Machine".
Other items include a hat with "The Time Machine" embroidered on the front , a button of the final poster and a wrist watch with skeleton dial and "The Time Machine" logo on the back. I don't have photos of these as yet.


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