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Every now and then, a major motion picture (other than my own) will come to my hometown to shoot and I like to step out from behind the camera and become - AN EXTRA! Because of the historical look to the area, we have had many period films shot here including "The Way We Were," "Ironweed," "The Age of Innocence," "Billy Bathgate," and "Scent of a Woman." This past February, The Time Machine filmed around Albany, Schenectady and Troy, NY for two weeks, so a bunch of us jumped on the bandwagon as the film crew transformed our streets into New York City - 1885. I did get a number of close-ups, so if they're not sitting on the cutting room floor, you can look for me. One particular shot, I'm walking down the street with my friend Heather - the other, I'm standing at Guy Pearce's left, looking over his shoulder, and I'm with another woman! Is this a continuity screw up or a soap opera subplot?! YOU be the judge. Now, we weren't supposed to be taking pictures on can't exactly I took these????
Costume Check
State Street Set - Albany
Reduced to a number!
Joe gets star treatment
Gerrit gets even better
The Holding Penn
A Pepsi, Pierre?
Modern Day Victorian Chick
Joe and Heather in costume
Streets of Troy, NY transformed into a wintery mess on the coldest day of 2001 (-20F)
More of Troy
The Upper Class Ladies
Wynona?!, Joe and Heather
4 am, Still not done, and VERY tired!
Schenectady, NY - dinner
Joe and Nick Barber reunite
Go Into The Light!
Shannon: P.A./Warrior
Joe Bagnardi on the pond
Heather poses for a close-up
Could this be THE REAPER?!!!

this photo by Gerrit
A fistful of dollars brings a roomful of ladies
Shannon ponders the pour


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