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March 8, 2002
Opening day in the United States
The Time Machine Official Site has added an Eloi section to it's time travel experience.

We've added four interviews conducted by Bondo Wyszpolski of the Easy Reader

March 4, 2002
Los Angeles Premiere
photos on our site.

On The Rack

March 2002 issue.
Four page article with full page color photo of Samantha Mumba and six other color photos.

February 8, 2002
Discovered that Vassar College has put on line 59 photos of the behind the scenes shooting.

February 5, 2002
The Time Machine Official web site opens

An incredible amount of Flash technology. A lot to see. Interviews, cast and crew bios, an interactive information source in the form of VOX, Orlando Jone's character in the film. You can also visit a 360 VR version of Alexandr's work shop with lots of hidden objects to discover, then off to 2030 to the New york Central Library where Vox will answer all your questions.

Main Screen

Alexander's Workshop

New York Central Library in 2030

The follownig magazines are out with articles on Time Machine

Release dates for The Time Machine
Country Date Country Date
USA March 8, 2002 Germany March 21, 2002
Netherlands March 21, 2002 Denmark March 27, 2002
France March 27, 2002 UK March 29, 2002
Belgium April 3, 2002 Poland April 19, 2002
Argentina May 9, 2002 Ireland May 31, 2002

Dec. 13, 2001
For those of you who don't have 2 hours to download the new Time Machine trailer, here are some of the key frames from it presented in a slide show format.
DreamWorks Trailer

Current release date is now set for March 8, 2002.
The Official Site has the new trailer on-line.

Press release added to the Official Announcements page
Trailer presented in slide show format on our site.

Oct. 29, 2001
Two reviews of the film after a test screening posted at AICN
First review
Second review


By: News Editor Source: Variety

DreamWorks' TIME MACHINE has been bumped from its original Christmas Day release date. Now, the film will be hitting theaters on February 8th. The decision to do so was actually made on the day before the tragic events of Tuesday, September 11, though changes will still be made to the film as a result of the public's potential sensitivity to particular subjects. Specifically, VARIETY reports that a scene in the film depicts the moon falling apart with chunks of the celestial body crashing into New York. Those scenes will be recut. It wasn't really those concerns that forced the releaee change. Mark Christianson, one of D'Works top distribution honchos told the trade, "Things are so crowded in the holiday period that we felt we'd have a better chance elsewhere. This is a great movie that is going to do a lot of business, but we feel now that we have a better release slot." TIME MACHINE stars Guy Pearce as the film's inventor and time traveler. Simon Wells, the great grandson of H.G. Wells, directed the film.

07/13/2001 - Updated 09:16 AM ET
Time travel gets boost in Simon Wells' 'Machine'

By Susan Wloszczyna, USA TODAY

Andrew Cooper, Dreamworks
Guy Pearce stars in Time Machine, remade by H.G. Wells' great-grandson.

You could say that Simon Wells was born to make The Time Machine. That's because the director is the great-grandson of author H.G. Wells, whose first novel was the 1895 sci-fi classic.

Says Wells, an animation veteran who makes his live-action debut with the Dec. 25 release, "I was fascinated by the idea of doing it as a movie, because it has remendous visual opportunities and spans a vast range of time."

Starring as the Victorian inventor, who zooms into the distant future and discovers that mankind has been divided into the gentle Eloi and the cannibalistic Morlocks, is Guy Pearce. The actor copes with a different sort of time travel in the current Memento, whose plot moves in reverse.

"The reason we cast Guy was Memento," Wells says. "He showed he could carry a film and be the continuing thread.

" The first attempt to bring Machine to the screen was George Pal's 1960 adventure. Wells includes several nods, including an appearance by Alan Young (Mr. Ed), whose character Filby is played by Mark Addy (The Full Monty) in the new film. Wells, however, has four decades of special effects to give today's audiences the sensation of joining Pearce on his trip. "We watch thousands of years flicker by."

Those attending the San Diego Comic-Con gathering of fantasy enthusiasts July 19-22 can visit the actual Time Machine. But don't expect it to take off. The prop weighs more than 7,000 pounds.

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