The Los Angeles premiere of The Time Machine was held Monday March 4, 2002 at the Mann's Village Theater. Guests began arriving at about 6:30

Mary and I stayed until about 7:10 when we had to leave to view a press screening of Time Machine at the Avco theater
on the other side of Westwood village.
Guy Pearce, Yancy Arias, Alan Young, Samantha Mumba
and her brother Omero also attended.

Amoung the first to arrive was Simon Wells (center) and his family.
Simon Wells and his father Dr. Martin Wells. Dr. Wells was co- producer on the Hallmark production of
"The Invinite Worlds of H.G. Wells"

Sienna Guillory and Simon Wells.
On Simon's left wearing the red dress is his wife Wendy. Their two children play Alexander Hartdegens children in the film

Orlando Jones, pausing to sign an autograph for a fan.


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