Morlocks and their underground world

In stark contrast to the Eloi cliff dwellings are the tunnels
inhabited by the dreadful MORLOCKS.

Separated in a caste system of Spy and Hunter Morlocks, they live
in a chaotic maze of underground tunnels and harsh industrial
caverns. The ominous network of passageways and foul, fetid chambers is filled with rough-hewn tools, hanging chains, rotating
rods, gears and other mechanical devices that have a grisly purpose
in the hands of the Morlocks.


Sphinx built as a sheet metal sculpture directly over the ventilation shaft

Cross section showing the various shafts and composition layers

Looking down on the art departmnet model showing the Morlock underground complex

Sphinx exploding

Sphinx and underground passageways exploding

Hunter Morlocks

Alexander fighting one of the Morlocks at an Eloi encampment

Uber Morlock (Jeremy Irons)

Uber Morlock (Jeremy Irons) and
Alexander Hartdegen (Guy Pearce)

Morlocks in their underground world

Spy Morlock

Spy Morlock

Mara (Samantha Mumba) held captive by the Morlocks

The back of Uber Morlock (Jeremy Irons)


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