The Year 30 Million
A Composition by Ed Turner
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Building the Lunar Models kit

of the

Time Machine

by Ed Turner

We will be posting further details approximatly
every month on Ed's progress with his current endeavor.


This Lunar Models version of the Time Machine is the best commercially available model to date. However, it's design is based on how the original prop was refurbished by Bob Burns and friends. They did a nice job at replacing many of the prop's missing parts, but in the process it has suffered the fate of not looking exactly like it did in the movie anymore. At the time, Bob had no reference to go by in rebuilding the chair, for example, except for the movie itself and some pictures. Also, the gentle curve of the rails that go up to the console wasn't there in replacing the parts of rail that were missing. So, when the Lunar model was designed, it was based on how this Machine looks presently, differences and all. Armed with a great set of exact blue prints, I decided to try to correct some of these differences on the Lunar model. I started first with the chair. As with most garage kits, there is some clean-up work to do on the pieces, removing any excess resin and flashing and cleaning the parts with soap and water to remove residue of the release agent used in the molding process. Using the blue prints seen in the background, I made some alterations to the parts.


The blue prints Ed refers to were drawn by Chris Perrotta and can be viewed here.

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