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October 6, 2002

Mr Pall's Time Machine
Progress Report # 2

by François O. Beaulieu

Since the last progress report, Glenn Pall has been busy finding solutions to the numerous problems posed by the building of a full-scale reproduction of the Pal Time Machine. Please note that these pictures show some final parts combined with experimental and test parts. So it is still "in the rough" and will be refined as he goes along…

"The tricky part about building a full-size Time Machine is, "How do you bend the thick metal tubing into a beautiful Victorian sleigh shape ?" I couldn't rent or borrow an industrial conduit machine, so I came up with an alternative that wasn't too costly. I experimented with all types of conduit tubing and fence steel pipe, copper pipe, etc. I finally settled on thick wall 6063 1.600 O.D. aluminium rigid pipe. The machine I bought wouldn't bend conduit or similar tubing too well. I was lucky to find a hydraulic pipe bender for less than a hundred dollars !
"With some modifications, by making a larger radius die and rollers, I got it to bend the rails rather nicely. As for the horizontal railings, I still haven't made the rear section behind the dish and up the sides, but it's coming soon. Once that is done I will have the two pieces welded together as one at work.
"The pictures of the control console are early construction shots only. A lot of my console parts are prototype pieces I learned with. I am going to change several of the parts for the final assembly, such as the light block (currently a simple part made of wood), the end caps (the ones that are on now don't have quite the right curvature) and the three lights. (The current ones are made from plastic snow domes but they will be replaced by glass domes and the colours will be matched to the original colours and put in the proper colour sequence.) The brass cages will also be redone more meticulously.

"The date display is actually pine veneered with brass sheet. I really wanted the feel of real brass for that part. The chair is, of course, being built of wood. There is still a lot of work to be done, but it is coming along fine. I have reached a point where the Machine is taking shape and it inspires me to move forward. I hope to accomplish quite a bit on the Machine, this fall and winter. By the way, if any of you are wondering, I am building all this a little in my basement, a little in my living room and a little in the backyard of my Port Jefferson home in New York. Some parts are also made at work or rather, after work, to be more specific. I hope everyone understands that many of the parts in those pictures will either be replaced by better ones or be substantially improved."

Yes, Glenn, we do !!! At the moment, actually, we're just gawking at the photographs and wondering what your NEXT update will be like ! Looks promising to me…

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