Behind the Scenes
Set Stills

The Time Machine
Producer/Director George Pal
Production number: 1755
Dates given below are when the photo was taken.

May 25, 1959
Interior of George's Library.
Set: 4, Interior Cottage
Scene: 2
Stage: 8

May 28, 1959
Interior George's Library
Set: 4, Interior Cottage
Stage: 8

June 3, 1959
Exterior of George's Cottage
Set: 2, Exterior Cottage 1917
Scene: 94
M.G.M. Lot: 2
May 29, 1959
Exterior Filby's Department Store
Rod Taylor, Alan Young and George Pal discuss the 1917 sequence.
Set: 3 Exterior Filby's Depatment Store
Scene: 95
M.G.M. Lot: 2 (Copperfield Court Yard)
Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux discussing Weena's rescue scene with Director George Pal
M.G.M. Lot: 3

June 30, 1959
Exterior of Sphinx
Nook where George builds a fire.
Set: 30, Exterior Sphinx Forrest
Scene: 214
Stage: 20 or 29

Interior of Eloi Great Hall
Set: 16, Great Hall
M.G.M. Lot 3 (Kismet Steps)


June 12, 1959
Interior of Eloi Temple
Scene: 151

Set 16, Great Hall
M.G.M. Lot 3 (Kismet Steps)

Rod Taylor, George Pal and Yvette Mimieux discussing a scene on the Eloi steps.

M.G.M. Lot 3 (Kismet Steps)

This same set of steps wee used by Pal again in Atlantis the Lost Continent



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