built by
Harvey Mayo

We are no longer posting contact information for Harvey as he is very backlogged in producing models. Currently there is a wait of over 12 years!


Photo courtesy of Chris Perrotta

Photo courtesy of Wah Chang
Most current model built by
Harvey Mayo
Miniature built by
Project Unlimited for the film

     Harvey Mayo is a very skilled highly talented profesional model maker. His work has been used in motion pictures, television and is on display in museums.

     His passion in regards to The Time Machine is the miniature machine. His models are extremely well detailed and very precise. As you can see by the photos below.

Harvey was also a part of the restoration team to restore the original full size Time Machine.

Photo by Don Coleman
An early miniature on display at Filmcon I. This is the first model I ever saw.
I realized I wasn't alone in my quest to build a model of the machine.
This model would later be sold to Bob Burns.

Photo By Don Coleman

Same Time Machine miniature as above. This is the model now owned by Bob Burns, and the model which has appeared numerous times erroniously credited to being built by Wah Chang.

Photos by Harvey Mayo

Another miniature and tantalus built for the model.

Photo by Chris Perrotta
Most current miniature built by Harvey Mayo. Photo shows model waiting for final artwork to be applied.


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