Bruce Holroyd
Harrisburg, PA

Lunar Models Built-up

Painting by Bruce Holroyd
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The "Time Traveler" head painted by Bruce

Base for the 3D direct 1/6th scale Morlock.

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Two photos of the model Bruce recently completed.
January 2002

Some of the extra detail which Bruce put into this model. Bruce also used a set of our gold foil decals.
Here is Bruce presenting the model to its new owner, Susan Mitchell
Below are photos of the first model Bruce built.
"I tried to simulate the effect (of lights) by painting the control console globes and the power pods with day-glo paint! The photographs look good, but, I wish now that I had stuck with the original color scheme on the instruction sheet. I think that it would look more Victorian! Somehow, the day-glo paint contrasts too much with the muted color scheme of the rest of the model, thus, I plan on a newer, updated version... truer to the film vehicle in its appearance. The addition of simulated crushed velvet on the chair cushions will give it a 'classic' look as well!
The kit comes with a plastic 'crystal' for use on the control lever. This, I eliminated from my model, opting instead for a genuine crystal used from one of those fantasy pewter figurines that you can find in almost any novelty or souvenir shop. I thought that it would make my model more true to the original, as the crystal lever knob was the source of power for the machine, according to the details given in the video of "Time Machine: the Journey Back". It seemed important to me that my machine model have this one element in its construction.

The cages around the lights on the control console and the power unit bulb were made from thin wire cut into individual pieces at an appropriate length and applied to the light fixtures one at a time, until all were in place. I cut lengths of the same wire to apply circular braces around the power unit light fixture giving the lamp cage a look similar to the original unit on the full-scale machine ( and yours, too, I might add ). The same wire was used to serve as "electrical feeds" into the power unit, painted in their yellow, green and red hues to match the movie version of the machine. I chose to keep the guage very thin, as I knew that too thick of a wire would appear bulky and less intricate once applied to the model.

The chair was done in "puff"paint... the kind used on ceramics. Steam was applied to it after its application, thus giving a velvetine, or, 'soft' appearance to the cushions. I found that the color was not what I would have hoped for after the steaming process, and much later, I found that there is a paint/flocking kit made to give a crushed velvet look ( I wish I would have found it before doing the chair in the manner I chose ). But, I threw a bit of caution to the wind, so to speak, painted the chair cushions as you see in the photos, and then painted the carved wood frame of the chair a dark brown to finish it. The results, as mentioned, were not exactly as I wanted, but that little 'glitch' will be corrected on my next version of the model.

The endcaps on the control console are not those included with the kit from Lunar Models. I chose to use concave metal washers instead, as I thought that the kit parts were too rounded in appearance. I wanted something a bit more flat like they appear to be in the movie. I purchased my kit in January of 1996, and had it built by April of that same year, so, it has been in my possession for quite awhile. It now resides in its own case, protected from dust and other minute ravaging 'invaders'. The new version, when completed, will be protected in a similar fashion.

.... I have three copies of the video, two copies of the Time Machine soundtrack; one on cassette tape, the other on compact disc, I have several copies of the paperbacked version of the novel with different covers on each and I also have the entire book on audio cassette. As mentioned previously, I have a second copy of the model which I intend on doing soon, only I will beusing information from your site and others to aid me in making the model truer to the original movie vehicle in appearance. The Time Machine has ranked as one of my all-time favorite films for about forty years now..since its initial release in 1960. I have seen the TV version with John Beck and Priscilla Barnes made a few years ago...but did not care for it too much. The original George Pal film will always remain the undisputed classic retelling of H.G.Wells literary least, in my opinion!"
—Bruce Holroyd—


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