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H.G. Wells Society: Americas

The H.G Wells Society has just announced
that they are opening a new chapter to their organization which will incompass North, Central, and South America.
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If interested in joining,
please contact Charles Keller for more details on membership.


June 2001

The most exciting news I have to offer is that Gene Rinkel, Curator of Special Collections at the Rare Book and Special Collections Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has graciously offered his facilities for the inaugural meeting of the Society. The date we have chosen is Saturday September 22, 2001, and Mr. Rinkel has promised to bring out items of Wellsian interest from their expansive H.G. Wells archive especially for us. I realize many of you will be unable to attend because of other commitments and we will miss your company. I would like to make a preliminary count of those who think they will be able to attend, so please RSVP. I also welcome any questions you would have about the meeting.

Unfortunately I have been unable to contact all the people I mean to because of a glitch in communications with the International H.G. Wells Society involving and addresses of possible members they had promised me. I am still working to secure this list. Although the initial burst of interest has lessened, I am confident we will attract more members steadily. Please forward news of our formation to as many of your friends and colleagues as you think might be interested. Be sure to let them know we will draw no boundaries in our examination of H.G. Wells; from his scientific romances to his social novels and his "prophecies" - it will all be our business.

All interest we've received thus far (and perhaps not surprisingly) has been over the Internet. As I'm sure you've noticed above (and appropriate to our appeal so far) we have established a Website. It is maintained by my wife and I (well OK, its mainly my wife!), so all questions and comments may be addressed directly to us.

I had intended to establish a modest subscription rate by the mid-summer, but since we have been and look to be an electronic endeavor for the forseeable future, I have shelved that idea for now. Our newsletters (at least in the beginning) will be posted on the website and an email will be sent to each of you to let you know it is up. The website will also be updated with news that cannot wait for the newsletter - as is warranted. With this in mind, please be considering any submissions you would like to make.

As a sort of example, I have recently posted an article I wrote a while back reappraising the "panic" surrounding Orson Welles's radio dramatization of "The War of the Worlds." It is nothing spectacular, but will give you some "frame of reference." Quite soon I will be posting yet another article about the passing of the tank from its hallowed place in the military arsenals of the United States and Great Britain and its direct connection to H.G. Wells. We welcome and eagerly await any submissions - written, pictorial, whatever - about any facet of Wells and Wellsiana you wish to make.

It is not too early to begin thinking of submissions for our journal "The Undying Fire," which will be available in bound form as well as electronically. I am considering the costs of doing each and am waiting for word from a volunteer associate editor regarding some of these details. This will be a "members only" publication included as the main part of the price of our Society subscription. Although our start has not been as fast as I had anticipated, we push forward. It is a labor of love for me and will be an ever evolving endeavor. The original Society was not started overnight and after forty years its membership list remains modest; yet it boasts many great minds and international personalities. Our watchword will be perseverance.

In the meantime be sure to spread the news as best you can!

Yours, Charles Keller



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