John Collado

Next to my brother's writings my very best author is H.G. Wells. I've read most of his classics and was inspired to do this painting a few years ago. I included the film adaptations represented in the painting instead of my own. It's one of my personal favorites in my collection.
I illustrated Wells during three different times of his life, first in 1896, second in the middle teens of the nineteen hundreds then finally in nineteen thirty-four (or at least I think that was the date?) when he was doing his radio shows. And I chose my three favorite stories to be depicted in the painting, "The Time Machine" (my number one favorite), "The War of the Worlds" and "The First Men in the Moon" I learned quite a bit about the writer during my research for the painting. On another brother, Tony also at listed in the writers section is another person fascinated with time travel. Most of his stories revolve around the concept.

—John Collado

Other examples of John's work can be seen on his web Site at: Time Work Studios
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