Larry Sanderson
Scratch-built Miniature

    " I have been wanting to build a model of THE TIME MACHINE ever since seeing the 1960 film as a kid. I had to wait until I was 52 to actually try it. Building a model from scratch is not easy as anyone who had tried would tell you. Once I captured images from the movie onto my computer I went to work. The base made of Bass wood was fairly easy to cut. The bulbs on the console, handle and back near the engine were actually bead crystals you find at most fabric stores. The rails, since not being able to find real brass wire that size, was made with 10 gauge. electrical wire stripped of its plastic insulation and bent to the desired shape. The decorative loops I made from smaller wire and soldered the frame together. I then painted the rails, etc. with bright gold paint to simulate a brass look. The brass pivot for the dish from the engine was actually a drawer pull cut in half. Other brass fittings are from decorations you would find for wedding favors. The chair I had found inexpensively at a flea market selling doll house furniture. I upholstered the chair with padded red velvet and pins driven into the wood to simulate an upholstered look. The engine and base were parts of wood decorations found at most Michael's stores. The console was a wood dowel cut and shaped. After painting the model I went to my computer to design the graphics for the console and the dish. I then printed them on label paper carefully mounting them to the proper places. The small disk behind the head rest and disk on the large dish were actually coat buttons. That's it! I guess this took me about 12 hours total to complete. It was enough fun just trying to find pieces that I could use. Next time I'll have to build a life size model like Don Coleman's. It's fun not growing up! "

—Larry Sanderson—

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