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Updated May 10, 2004

Here is the list of sites I have found regarding
"The Time Machine" and H.G. Wells
If you know of any others please e-mail me and I will add them.

Highly Recommended Sites
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Further Sources of Information
on the Web
Other Sites of Interest
Sites in Languages other than English

Highly recommended Web sites

The Don Brockway Time Machine Home Page
Don Brockway has removed his Time Machine site but it is now almost fully restored by Sandra Petojevic, Master of Arts in Sweden.

Bob Burns web site.

Bob's site is still ungoing revision, but Rod Taylor has been added to his personal collection, in wax.

Heinz Westerweller has built a site, Aber, sprechen Sie Deutsch.
Ein Deutscher Zeitreisender begruesst Sie auf "Time Traveler´s Homepage"

Heinz lately restructured his entire site

DIY Guide to The Time Machine by Peter Henson in New Zealand


Diane Tomasik's Rod Taylor tribute web site.
Diane is covering Rod's entire career.
This site offers you free sounds, pictures, quotes, downloads and links, everything related to the The Time Machine movie.
sciflicks link
James Van Pelt has created a teaching site to help High School teachers with Wells' "The Time Machine"

Notable Websites

Official Alan Young website

WGTD 91.1 conducted a phone interview with Alan Young prior to their Time Machine production. Click the link below to hear the broadcast. The links plays their entire Morning show of which Alan's interview is included.
Alan Young Interview

To hear the archived recording of the WGTD broadcast of The Time Machine.
Their version is based on the radio play from the Escape radio series which aired on CBS from 1947 to 1954.

ick Here
If you want to hear the Escape broadcast you can hear their three versions
on this site.

Click Here

A few years ago a college created a small film regarding Time Travel. They wanted to include someone on the east coast who was building a full size machine so I introduced them Rob Niosi. Thanks to Rebecca for finding an on-line source to view it.
Click Here

And a not used segment of Rob talking about his Berninghaus chair
Click Here - a web thesaurus and lexicon listing Time Machine Project under
time machine, George Pal and H .G. Wells

On-line interview with Wah Ming Chang at

This site is no longer free

Star Ship Modeler website has a list of model builders so if you're looking to have a model assembled you might want to check their list

Click Here

Merchandise for sale

"The Time Machine" e-book and other Wells' works in Palm format at
As of Feb. 14, 2003 The Time Machine is in their top five.

Leonard Nimoy and John Delancie audio production at: Alien Voices.


Further sources of information on the web

Victorian Literary Studies Archive offers a concordance of literary works including Wells' The Time Machine

site which offers an analysis of the novel.
How to Construct a Time Machine
by Alfred Jerry

This was written at the end of the 19th century
Full cast and credits of the George Pal film can be found at:
Internet Movie Data Base
IMDB listing for the new Time Machine movie
The H.G. Wells Society the Americas
Home page of the H.G. Wells Society

Other Sites of Interest

Visit my entries on the Internet Movie Data Base: Don's Credits
My wife also: Mary's Credits

To see a 3-D computer model of the machine, go to: Rick's Time Machine

Professor Lee M. Silver of Princeton University commentary for watching the film "The Time Machine" for the course WWS 320 Human Genetics, Reproduction & Public Policy

Teaching Guide available at:Social Studies School Science

Time Machine Site by Instructor at the School of Art & Design at Alfred.

Another site concerning H.G. Wells is: Gloria McMillan's link page

A Comparison of the Book and the Film, in terms of the Social and Cultural Background of the Time Here


H.G. Wells traverses with The Time Machine Here
Another look at time travel by Joshua Adam Shaw How to buold a time machine
For a discussion on possible time travel, try this site:Brain Drain
High points of "The Time Machine" in text presented in a slide presentation here.

Sites in languages other than English.

Manu's Homepage uber die Zeit: What is Time?
wasistzeit (German)
Articles and links to other related sites as well

Comments on The Time Machine (German) at:
Jerry's Movie Homepage



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