Motor /Light
upgrade kit
for the
Masterpiece Models
Time Machine
model kit

This kit is designed to light up various parts and motorize the dish of the 1/6th scale Time Machine model issued by Masterpiece Models.

Advanced modeling skills and ability to assemble electronic components are required

A 34 page assembly manual is included

The kit provides the following functions to the model when assembled.

The rear pods will 'power up' when the machine is turned on and will 'power down' (fade out) when turned off. The control lever will control the speed of the dish rotation. Dish rotation will be in one direction only.

There is a master switch on the bottom of the model.

The 'trouble light' will light also.

The console lights will flash in appropriate manner. The days will flash faster than the months and the months faster than the years.The sides of the console light as does the display.

Batteries will be located beneath the rear engine housing, power may also be supplied by an external transformer (not included)

The rear pods are lit by light bulbs, the console lamps are L.E.D.s.

A 12 volt motor is used to power the dish via a rim drive application.

Some components of the model kit will be replaced by ones included in the upgrade. Some of the parts being replaced will be: The rear pod cones, the end caps for the pods and the console. Both side rails as these will have wires embeded in them.

A circuit board is included in the kit along with the necessary components. Assembly is required
(soldering of components to the board)
Cost for the kit is $350.00
This price is for the motor/lights kit only, Model kit sold seperately
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