How I built a Time Machine
(and why)

All photographs on this page are by © Don Coleman 1998

Some times you have to watch what you wish for...
it might just happen!

From the time I first saw "The Time Machine" I wanted to build one. Over the last 40 years I have collected stills and photographs of the machine. Always in my mind I was thinking of how to make all the various parts. So when finally the chance came to build one how could I not.

I was hired to build a full size Time Machine for "Travels Through Time" a small privately owned museum which opened in Old Sacramento. By now the machine was so familiar to me I hardly looked at the drawings, only to get various dimensions so all the components would fit. I was very pleased with the outcome and was saddened to see it leave home.

I've tried to show some of the main components and how many of them were made. Through my web site I've discovered that there are about 12 full size machines either already built or under construction. Some of which you can see on the Enthusiast pages on this web site. This number, however, does not include the one I will build for myself.


The finished Time Machine
in the Library of our home.


My wife, Mary in the Time Machine.

Looking down onto the console. The decal on the front was generated in my home computer and printed in gold by my Alps printer onto a clear self adhesive backed sheet.
Clip from the film of same.

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