Ozzie abducted by Martians!

This is Ozzie, a Jack Russell terrier who is making a film career for himself.
Ozzie's owner and trainer is Kay Westgate.

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Ozzie with actor Graham Turner on the location set of "The Infinite Worlds of H.G.Wells"

The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells
a Hallmark Production

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Ozzie takes the part of Skinners dog. His master gets very drunk one night when they are out in the bushes, passes out and the dog licks his face to wake him up. When he does so a meteorite lands and they see this happen. When they go to investigate Ozzie gets too close to it and gets sucked inside by some unseen force. His master doesn't see this take place and searches for him.

Our next filming day happened to be when I was in hospital having an operation but the agent handled my dog and my husband took him to the film studio. The scene was set on Mars where the alien monster had taken Ozzie as a specimen along with other creatures. You get to see the monster and Ozzie had to sit in a cage as a specimen. What happened after that I do not know. I have not read he book.

All the film crew were very nice and the actor playing the part of Skinner was great and very good with Ozzie who liked him a lot! They had reconstructed the meteorite landing in an old landfill site and it was very realistic. Looked just like one had actually crashed.
Sincerely Kay Westgate and Ozzie.


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