George Pal
Producer and Director

George Pal
February 1, 1908—May 2, 1980

"My next film is always my favorite.
I always try to do better the next film.
You always move ahead, you know?"


George Pal Filmography

Presented here is but a brief look at the films of George Pal.
For a more in depth look I recommend "The Films of George Pal" by Gail Morgan Hickman
Mr. Hickman interviewed Pal regarding all of his feature films.
For many years, people complained about the "Japser" Puppetoons, calling them (with some justification) racist. Pal eventually came to believe that the little films would never again find their audience; he had to apologize for them many times. Then Filmex decided to run two hours of Puppetoons as part of their programming one year. The screening was held at a now-defunct (along with Filmex) theater over near MGM. At the end of the screening, which went over very well, a reluctant Pal was brought out before the audience -- which leaped to their feet collectively, cheering and applauding. George Pal put his face in his hands, and wept."
—Bill Warren, November 22, 2000
The Films of George Pal    (Out of Print)
Gail Morgan Hickman
South Brunswick and New York: A.S. Barnes and Company
London: Thomas Yoseloff Ltd
ISBN 0-498-01960-8l

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