A Time Machine model... on a budget

By Francois O. Beaulieu

If you ever felt that building your own Time Machine model seemed too expensive for you, here is a solution: Build it out of paper ! That's what several papercraft enthusiasts have been doing over the last few years...

Japanese papercraft master and SF enthusiast Uhu has been designing paper versions of several of his favourite science-fiction models over the years and sharing them with fellow enthusiasts.

A few years ago, Uhu presented his adaptation of the Pal Time Machine as a printable set of cut-and-fold patterns that could be turned into a remarkable likeness of the real thing — with a reasonable amount of skill, mind you.

Although everyone that saw his paper adaptation of the Time Machine was quite impressed, Uhu felt he could do even better. Therefore, earlier this year, he introduced his completely reworked patterns for the Time Machine: More elaborate, more intricate, more colorful and even closer to the original than before.

A finished model using his new patterns looks absolutely stunning, especially when considering that it is — after all — made entirely out of paper !

Therefore, those who felt that a model of the Time Machine was beyond their means need only print out the patterns, take their scissors out and start cutting and folding and gluing...




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