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The Chair: Part 1

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Pics 1 & 2 show the chair partially assembled, with a raw piece next to it to show that I have removed some "meat" of resin from the back of the chair, grinding off the excess material with a moto-tool, to make it thinner and more like the design of the original chair, then sanding smooth. I have also deepened the "puckers" of the backrest cushion, thinking that the way it was originally molded was much too thick and the "puckers" much too shallow. Here, the chair is partially primed, with areas exposed from needed sanding, sometimes noticable after the first coat of primer goes on. The blue tint on the cushioning is masking liquid to keep primer and paint off of those parts until they're ready for finishing.

Pic 3 shows the rear of the chair after body filler was put into the gap where the rear cushion joins the rear leg section, then sanded smooth.


Pics 4 & 5 show a close-up of the decorative carvings on the sides of the back rest. The raw piece is how it's molded for Lunar. With the moto-tool and a carving bit, I was able to elongate the design, making it a bit more like the design on the original chair. You can also see much better, how much thinner I made the back of the chair.
Pics 6 & 7 indicate where I screwed the pieces of the chair together, using small doll house screws after gluing the parts together. Once glued, I pre-drilled the holes for the screws, countersinking a bit so the screws would be more flush with the surface. I wanted to screw the chair together for strength -- Many super glues become brittle and flaky with age and I wanted to avoid the possibility of the joints weakening over time. In these pics, you can also see how I carved out the lower portions of the leg assembly that is part of the molded legs on either side of the chair. Then I carved the grooves on these curved parts with the carving bit. They'll be smoothed out, and not look so rough, in the finishing process.

Part 1:Chair Main Frame

Part 2: Chair Inner Legs and Arms

Part 3:The Finished Chair

Part 4: The Generator Housing


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