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The Chair: Part 3

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Well, here is the finished chair for the Lunar Time Machine!

 Everything is set and in place. After pre-drilling all the holes needed, such as the holes for the head-rest stems, both on the head-rest itself and on the back of the chair, a hole drilled on each side of the head-rest for the brass florettes to be added later, and the two holes on each side where the arms will be placed that match up to the holes on the miniature brass hinges - everything should be ready for priming and painting. Likewise, two holes are drilled under each arm of the chair for the opposing ends of the hinges.

The entire chair, arms, and head-rest received a coat of primer, each piece separately. A couple of light coats of walnut brown gloss paint and then all the flocking was added, as mentioned in the previous article. Just a touch of super glue on the ends of the stems and the head-rest is ready to be inserted. This should be test-fitted first, of course, before setting the head-rest in for good.

The tiny brass hinges are attached with miniature brass brad nails, simply pushed into the pre-drilled holes, with a dab of super glue on the pointed ends of the nails. The miniature brass florettes are added to the sides of the head-rest, and the gold-painted parts are finally added and... VOILA! The barber/Time Machine chair is finished!
Working hinged arms only add to it's authenticity and realism. When I finished the chair, I realized I could have added the brass pins all around the "upholstery" of the chair, arms and head-rest to make it look more like the flocked portions were "tacked down". For anyone following these modifications, keep that in mind. It would have added that much more to the detailed look of the chair.

My next phase, as will be seen next time...

Modifications of the Generator Housing!


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