Project Unlimited

Special thanks to Wah Chang for providing
the following photos from his personal archives.

Project Unlimited is the company which was owned by Wah Chang and Gene Warren Sr. and Tim Barr. Wah and Gene had both had worked for George Pal doing Puppetoons in the 40's. They teamed up together to do effects for George Pal's feature of tom thumb in 1958. They later were the primary effects company for the original Outer Limits TV series. Among the artisans who worked for them was Jim Danforth.

Two views of the miniature machine without the artwork on the dish.
The finished miniature


Here is a behind the scenes view of the lava flow. The lava was made of oatmeal dyed red and chunks of burning cork.

This is a photo of the hopper which held the red oatmeal. Directly in front of the opening is a screen to stop any large lumps of oatmeal from getting to the model.

The shot was preped on a Friday, the oatmeal was cooked and dyed and placed into the hopper. The model was covered in polyethelyene sheeting so they could do a test of the effect and not ruin the model. The setup was left until Monday. On Monday Wah and Gene were set up with the cameras between the model and the back wall of the studio. The test comenced by opening up the hopper and allowing the oatmeal to run down into the model. Only problem was the oatmeal had fermented over the weekend and stank to high heaven and was no longer thick but instead thin and watery. This smelly watery sludge was now rapidly advancing on Gene and Wah and they had nowhere to hide. Accoring to Wah they were spared being covered by their 'lava'. The studio was cleaned up, the smell apparently lasted some days however. New oatmeal was prepared and used the same day. The shot worked perfectly this time and these are the scenes which we see in the film.


The Sphinx miniature was sculpted
Wah Chang.


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