Randy Cooper
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Randy Cooper is a professional model maker for film and television and in his spare time makes models for himself . Randy's most recent endeavor has been a scale model of the time machine from the Simon Wells 2002 production of The Time Machine.

Randy enjoyed the film calling it "pure eye candy".

Working primarily from nearly 60 photographs and the limited edition blueprint lithograph which was given out as a giveaway at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction show at the Shrine Auditorium, Randy has built a very accurate model of the machine. Other than the main platform which is made of wood and a few actual brass pieces, the entire model is made of urethane resin castings.

Randy started building the model about six months ago and has nearly finished it. He is still working a motor drive assembly to rotate the spinning panels.

Randy has agreed to answer questions regarding the construction of the model.
You can reach him at his e-mail address:

Randy Cooper

The model is approximatley 14" tall

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