Behind the Scenes Photos
from New York
submitted by Jeff Ridgway

"We met Guy and saw Sienna and Simon Wells. We worked pretty close to the action and saw a lot those three days. Three of the 4 scenes we were in, we were within 10 feet of the camera (the "hotel" shot, we were right on as we were hotel guests). "
Jeff Ridgway
Jeff Ridgway and Guy Pearce
in Central Park Schenectady, NY., just after they wrapped the filming in NY.
" That was a cool experience."

Jeff and his wife Alexis in the Hotel

"We came inside for 5 minutes to get warm (it was -20 degrees that morning). The jackets were from the movie "Any Given Sunday", we were told that they like to recycle the things used in movies."

Jeff and Alexis and some friends from
the first "hotel" scene in Troy, NY
Jeff and Alexis
MaryEllen (casting coordinator)
Emma's death scene with the horse carriage
(Troy, NY).


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